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Wool and The Gang Lula Hoop Scarf Kit

Wool and The Gang Lula Hoop Scarf Kit

Object Of Desire

Wool and The Gang lula hoop scarf kit, $85, at

Reason #1

Wool and The Gang’s scarf kit adds style and glamour to a hobby that has previously been reserved for grandmas and spinsters…and it’s being sold at a reasonable price on Snatch yours soon before they’re all gone.

Reason #2

With fall approaching (tear) we are all going to need new hoop scarves to take us through the early chills of September and October. Why not craft one yourself? The violet color will compliment your fading tan and the Peruvian wool will keep your neck cozy and warm.

Reason #3

Wool and The Gang coordinate knitting parties and have a great blog, so take your wool out, join the gang, and start knitting. You’ll know where to find us on cloudy autumn days…

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