Women Say a Fat Wallet Will Turn Any Belly Into a Six-Pack

Jessica Hoppe

Money apparently CAN buy you love, notes a Columbia University research study that created a mathematical formula to calculate the exact trade-off between the “billfold and belt-size” ratio both men and women make in choosing their partner.

According to an article in the NY Post, when you see an unlikely couple and draw the inevitable conclusion (ahem, gold-digger!) you are likely right on the money (pun intended). The data collected from 667 white American couples by the Panel Study of Income Dynamics is not ground-breaking (as you can imagine):

– Both men and women prefer slim, wealthy spouses to poor, fat mates.

– Fatter men battle the bulge with dollar bills, while overweight women compensate for flab with an extra year of education (i.e. intelligence).


A 6-foot-tall man who weighs 180 pounds — just about the perfect BMI — and earns an annual salary of $100,000, for instance, would have to get a $2,000 raise if he packed on about 20 pounds and didn’t want to downgrade the level of women he could date.

If a single woman who is 5-foot-8 and weighs 140 pounds gains seven pounds, she must have one year more of education to remain at the same level of attractiveness to potential suitors.

According to the formula, for every 10 percent increase in their BMI (body mass index) single men must increase their annual salary by two percent to compete in the same dating pool.

Given the state of the economy these days it seems a lot easier to drop some pounds and just join the picket line at “Occupy Wall Street” if you want to meet the man or women of your dreams.

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