28 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Want a Winter Wedding

Beth Stebner
28 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Want a Winter Wedding
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Is it just us, or do winter weddings tend to get a bad rap? Unlike summer weddings, you’re not guaranteed decent (or even good) weather. But we’re here to argue that winter is not only a great time to get engaged (as 16 percent of brides will do, reportedly), it’s also a great time to tie the knot. Sure, you get some fringe benefits—you can usually get the venue you want, no problem, and everything tends to be a lot cheaper—but there’s something magical about having your wedding pictures set in snow, which leads to some pretty damn romantic shots.

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Even if the weather isn’t stellar, you’ve got a golden opportunity to serve some delicious spiked cider, nog, and whatever else you can pour liquor into, not to mention getting cozy with decorations.

And let’s talk about making a winter wedding personal to you. A fancy vintage stole? Yes. Top-game winter accessories? Double yes. And who says you have to stick to the tired holiday palette of red and green? Since your backdrop will probably be white (aka snow), try some gold and rose quartz, or borrow from another season for your bridal bouquet.

So what are you waiting for? Click through the gallery to see 28 gorgeous photos that’ll make a case for getting hitched in the winter. With all the excitement of the day, the cold won’t bother you anyway.

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