Will Sheen Beat Jobs For Most Popular Costume This Year?

Jessica Hoppe

While my money is on Steve Jobs for “Most Popular” costume this year, Charlie Sheen could be potential a contender.

In fact, costume makers say the gossip-worthy train wreck is expected to be a top seller this year, along with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Gaga made our StyleCaster Top Halloween Costume List as well (albeit as her alter ego Joe Calderone ) but we didn’t even think our fave tiger-blooded warlock as an option.

Thankfully, the creatives minds behind your favorite store-bought Halloween costumes have literally thought of everything! Charlie’s includes a latex mask with droopy hair, what appear to be two sets of eyebrows and a bemused smile accoridng to the NY Post. If you want to upgrade, there’s the Charlie wig, which has an electrical-socket-shock look and can be crowned with a Sheen-like black fedora.

And what Charlie costume would be complete without the signature men’s bowling shirt from Two and a Half Men? Too bad none of the options include the infamous goddesses — but you can grab some “Charlie’s goddess” necklaces and tees while supplies last.


[Via NY Post]

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