Who Will Win Project Runway All Stars? (We Have An Idea…)

Summer K

As dedicated and fanatical fans of Project Runway, we know what it takes to make it to the final four: Amazing clothes, an over-the-top personality and the ability to make Nina Garcia stop scowling long enough to utter your name and “very editorial” in the same sentence. Few have reached this pinnacle of success, but many continue to strive despite being given a cheery “auf wiedersehen” as host Heidi Klum kicks them to the curb.

And now some our fave PR designers are back and ready to battle it out again, this time on the hotly-anticipated Project Runway All Stars starting January 5th on Lifetime. Yes, we could go into detail about who’s returning (Anthony Williams — love you, girl!), who we’re bored by (yawn — really Michael?), and who’s sure to cause some tension once everyone goes on temporary Atlas Apartments lock-down, but we prefer to just point out the obvious top three contenders and one or two dark horses who could shock us all:

Your Top Three:

No question it will be Austin Scarlett, Mondo Guerra and Kara Jax. Austin’s got major fashion street cred now that he’s done the designer wedding gown scene and had his own show. Kara’s style aesthetic has always been a judge favorite and Mondo was straight up robbed of his #1 spot and everybody knows it. With Nina, Michael and Heidi out of the mix, a lot will depend on who remains humble, consistent in their design aesthetic and manages to wow us week after week.

Your Two Dark Horses:

The claws are sure to come out when cat-hurling champion/Brooklyn hipster Kenley Collins and the draping king, Rami Kashou, return for a second run. The judges couldn’t stand Kenley’s constant complaining, but boy, girlfriend knew how to whip up some fierce clothes and accessories. Rami certainly has any red-carpet challenges on lock, but we’re not sure he could handle stepping out of his gauzy comfort zone to dress a plus-size mom or an annoying prom queen. These are the sort of episodes that we fans live for (what with all the crying, wining and back-stabbing), but it remains to be seen if these two can rise to the challenge.

Who do you think will snag the Project Runway All Stars crown? Leave your picks in the comments below!

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