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Whitney Port’s New Reality Show Seeks Ken, Ridiculous

Whitney Port’s New Reality Show Seeks Ken, Ridiculous

Anyone who thought of Whitney Port as solely fascinated with fashion and dedicating herself to her craft: A. Really? and B. Only if her craft is being on television.

Presumably, the former The Hills and The City actress was looking for a new location, and it’s not somewhere in the Midwest or something (working title: Middle of Nowhere?), but she landed in Barbie’s Dream House. The trailer for the show she’s hosting, Genuine Ken, illustrates a preposterous search for the perfect boyfriend. No word if said boyfriend is for Whitney as Barbie, or just because these dudes want to be on TV and get a bogus title.

The beefy contestants go through a series of tests for style, talent, cooking, sexual prowess (just kidding!) and end up in NYC for an “exciting” finale. Why Whit, why?

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