A New Instagram Account Gives You Bloggers’ Outfit Details—With No Affiliate Links

Matching fashion week street style outfits.

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There’s a new Instagram account that fashion girls need to follow: @whereubuyit. Why? Because to aims to eradicate those annoying affiliate links that so many bloggers are suddently psoting to the photo sharing app.

First spotted by Get Off My Internets, via Racked, the account’s tagline reads “Tired of being forced to click affiliate links to get the deets on a product? So are we.” Its purpose is to repost bloggers’ outfit photos complete with all the clothing credits, allowing followers to bypass annoying affiliate links used by bloggers.


Some background: In a bid to monetize Instagram posts, affiliate marketing company RewardStyle created Liketoknow.it—a name you’ve definitely seen bloggers link to in Instagram captions. Basically, when bloggers tag Liketoknow.it rather than simply listing the brands and retailers featured in their photos, they can earn a percentage of the sale every time one of their followers clicks and shops the items.

Meanwhile, @whereubuyit offers a serious short cut. The account reposts a bloggers’ outfit picture with full credits–and no affiliate links–to save you the effort involved in clicking a monetized link on Instagram, which really can be time-consuming. LikeToKnow.It for example, requires that users sign up for emails, like photos, and then click on the right links whenever they want to buy (or even simply find out the brand details for) featured products. You have to really, really want a piece of clothing to go through that level of effort.

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When Get Off My Internets first wrote about the account, readers were  supportive of the idea, expressing how frustrating affiliate shopping links can be. One commenter wrote: “I can’t tell you how many bloggers I have asked very nicely to share a source because I’m not comfortable with the [Liketoknowit] crap, and they refuse.”

Another commenter suggested the account might not last long based on Instagram’s copyright rules: “Sadly, I don’t think it’ll survive. One of the pics already got taken down by Instagram because it was reported as ‘copyright infringement’ I don’t doubt that other bloggers will soon start to flag their pictures too,” they wrote.

Whether or not the account takes off, it could be a signpost of something bigger. When you consider the backlash against Liketoknowit, and that Pinterest recently banned affiliate links on its platform, this could be the beginning of the end for affiliate marketing on social media.

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