When Fashion Crushes Collide: Andrej and Zombie Boy Bare All

Summer K

It’s no secret that the StyleCaster crew is an eclectic bunch of hipsters, neurotics, downtown kids, fashion darlings and cynically humorous denizens that spend each day together gossiping and gabbing about everything and anything under the sun — crushes being no exception.

Sure, they run the norm from Ryan Gosling to Jared Leto, but then there’s a brave soul or two (like myself) who never let a little thing like societal norms stop us from enjoying the strange, beautiful and definitely unusual.

Take Zombie Boy, for example. I can’t help but see the sexy amidst all the body ink. Hey, he might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but damn the boy looks good modeling designer couture. And imagine my surprise when The Hollywood Reporter admitted a similar giddiness and did a nice little profile on him this week…which inevitably led me down a virtual rabbit hole to this newly uploaded fan clip of behind-the-scenes footage from his shoot for his recent Auslander campaign with Andrej Pejic.

I heart Andrej too, but my feelings are less naughty and more girl-crush-meets-slumber-party-pal. How can you not love the androgynous angel — especially when he does his best Basic Instinct in a dress I’m dying to borrow? Between all the nipple taping and chest baring, it’s a wonder anything got done on this shoot.

You can check out the full vid below for your daily skin fix (just don’t take it the wrong way when I wish you all a Happy “Hump Day”).

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