Zana Bayne Leather’s New Film Makes the S&M Look ‘in Vogue’

Susie G

You know the phrase “let your work do the talking”?

Thanks to Zana Bayne‘s thoughtfully designed leather harnesses and accessories, much buzz has been surrounding this New York-based artist over the last year, with her sexy and serious, unique pieces that are guaranteed conversation starters (a.k.a. will make other fashion forward folks in the room totally jealous).

You may have even spotted her leather designs right here on StyleCaster, modeled by downtown darling Kristin Gallegos and supermodel Crystal Renn.

For her latest fall/winter 2011 collection, Bayne continues to focus on drawing attention to both the center of the torso and back through intricate yet delicate details in her pieces, shifting away from wing-tipped, layered shoulder pads as seen in earlier collections.

In conjunction with the release of this season’s collection, Zana Bayne has just debuted her label’s (appropriately named Zana Bayne Leather) newest fashion film, directed by Char Alfonzo and styled by Raul Guerrero, the same creative pros that Bayne used to photograph and style the collection’s lookbook.

The short film seems like it could be an outtake from a modern Spanish western flick, but except with using men in cowboy outfits and sombreros, or women in long skirts and flowers in their hair, the film casts dwellers of a gothic, modern metropolis that have a penchant for S&M.

With the custom, traditional-sounding music used for the film’s score and the beautifully slowed down shots of the models, this black-and-white short is a great representation of what Zana Bayne Leather is all about: 21st century sexuality, gothic romanticism and the idea that creativity and self-expressionism does not have to live on a flat, 2-D surface.

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