The Vans Girls Blog: Make Your Own DIY Pair of Creepers!

Susie G

2011 was definitely the year the high-soled shoes known as Creepers made a major comeback. Big thanks go to the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 collection for that, as well as many other designers incorporating the Creeper shoe throughout their 2011 runway shows (notable mention also goes out to British designer Ashish and his Fall 2011 collection featuring custom-made Creepers by iconic footwear label Underground).

If you’re a bit strapped for cash these days, take a cue from the classic Californian brand Vans and their own Vans Girls blog, and just make a pair of your own Creepers!

Sounds super great, right? We thought so too.

Thanks to this very informative video from the team over at Vans Girls that is posted down below, you can turn in one of your old pairs of Authentic or Slip On flat-bottomed sneaks into some head-turning fancy foot-werq (see what we did there?).

Just grab a pair of shoes, 3 pairs of old flip-flops (or just pick a few pairs up at the dollar store), scissors, flexible permanent glue, foam brushes and rubber bands. You can also choose to decorate your platforms with printed duct and/or masking tape, ribbons, old belts and whatever else you want!

Oh, and don’t forget a hefty heaping of attitude toocomes in handy when you’re strutting down the street in your brand new, custom and totally original pair of Creepers.

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