Street Tag iPhone App Allows You To ‘Graf’ Walls Crime Free

Susie G

If you ever wanted to dabble in graffiti art, but were just either too scared to do it or just lack the basic artistic skills to even justify purchasing a can of spray paint, then be sure to download Channel 4‘s new Street Tag iPhone application that allows users to virtually tag any wall in the world!

The UK-based network TV station recently launched this new iPhone app in conjunction with their promotional efforts for the network’s latest programming block called “Street Summer.” Through the app, users can take a photo of a wall with their mobile device, and “graf” it up like a real street artist, except without the risk of getting a nice pair of chain links around your wrists from the 5-0.

Virtual artists can also share their tags through the application with others to see via the geo-tag feature. Now its just only a matter of time till the world gets it first virtual graffiti artist superstaryou know, something like a digital Banksy or Shepard Fairey.

The application is now available to download free from iTunes.

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