Sofia Coppola’s Niece Directs Film for Opening Ceremony

Looks like there’s another Coppola who has inherited the directing gene. Joining her relatives Francis, Sofia and Roman, Gia is the next Coppola to sport her film-making chops.

Teaming up with classic Hawaiian-shirt label Reyn Spooner to highlight their vintage Americana meets surfer chic capsule collection for niche retail monster Opening Ceremony, Gia has created a short film, titled 22, that highlights some of the best things about summer: young love, loitering around with friends, drinking rum straight from the bottle, blowing up watermelons and pretending to be a bike-accident zombie.

Props also go to Gia for choosing an excellent song for the soundtrack of the short film, recorded by indie, blog-buzzing rockers Best Coast. On a side note, if your band’s name has the word “Coast” or “Beach” in it these days, there’s a good chance that you’re either a) a surf rock band, b) a chillwave band or c) somewhere in that musical ballpark.

The Reyn Spooner for Opening Ceremony collection is now available online, exclusively through the ultra-hip, international retalier. Sport one of those Cut & Sew Jean Dresses on the streets this summer and you’ll sure be attracting a lot of heat!

22 Featuring Reyn Spooner from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.


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