Q & A: Sebastian Professional Visionary Harley Viera Newton

Susie G

Sebastian Professional Visionary Harley Viera Newton is a DJ, “It” girl and one of New York’s Downtown darlingsbut we’re pretty sure you already knew all of that anyway.

As a face for Sebastian Professional, we hit up the PYT in anticipation of the upcoming Sebastian Professional & StyleCaster “Infinite Possibilities” cover story. Featuring Sebastian Professional Visionaries (up-and-coming talents from the fields of music, fashion and art) like Ms. Newton herself, in addition to the 6 lucky winners from our “Infinite Possibilities” challenge we held back this past summer, the amazing editorial spread was shot by NYC fashion photographer Nicholas Routzen and will be featured right here on StyleCaster later this month.

You can also check out the full cover story in the pages of StyleCaster favorite NYLON magazine in their upcoming February issue as well!

To get the full 411 on cover star Harley Viera Newton, check out the full interview down below!

What is your favorite Sebastian Professional product and why?

Potion 9 is my favorite product because it’s very on the goI don’t usually style my hair very much so I appreciate a product that I can quickly run through my wet or damp hair. It conditions my hair so it air dries with the best beachy-waves.

What are your favorite hair trends at the moment?

I’ll always love after-the-beach looking hairsunkissed and wavy.

What kind of music are you currently listening to?

Everyone should get the new Dawes album; it’s great.

What is your ultimate party jam, meaning the one song you have to dance to when you hear it come on?

This is always changingbut right now I can’t get enough of Rihanna’s “We Found Love”.

Describe your ultimate party outfit.

A rainbow mini dress from the latest Chris Kane Resort [collection].

What are your go-to sources for fashion and beauty inspiration?

I think I’m most influenced by people I meet or pass on the street. There’s endless inspiration in New York, London and Paris.

If you could hop on an airplane this very second, where would you go and why?

The Maldives! I’ve always been desperate to gothe photos look incredible!

How would you describe your own personal style, from head to toe?

I struggle with this questionI guess I kind of have a uniform. Mostly tights, boots and vintage mini dresses.

Tell us about the worst haircut or hairstyle you ever had.

When I was 11, my Mum gave me the worst bangs of all time. They were way too short and completely unevenhideous!

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