Pro Tips For Sebastian Professional’s What’s Next Challenge

Susie G

Even though the StyleCaster and Sebastian Professional Infinite Possibilities Challenge is already over, beauty junkies and hair vixens can still enter Sebastian Professional’s What’s Next Challenge to submit your out-of-this-world hair style for a chance to check out the fall 2012 collections during New York Fashion Week.

If you’re looking for an inside lead on this year’s contest, check out what Sebastian Professional Lead Stylist Design Team Member and What’s Next Challenge judge Thomas Dunkin had to say about the contest to the team at Devries on what he’s looking for in a winning submission!

Q: Can you describe some of the looks you’ve seen so far?
Dunkin: There’s been an incredibly diverse eclectic mix of hairstyles and from what I’ve seen [and] there are a lot of talented people out there. The standard is incredibly high!

Q: What would you like to see more of?
Dunkin: Curly textures! Curls with texture are so under used. They have the fantastic ability of combining styles as extreme and diverse as space-aged fictional look with the softest, most feminine styles.

Q: What are your criteria for judging?
Dunkin: I judge the submissions based on the following criteria: how well the hairstyle compliments the model’s face and body shape, how the how the hair contributes to the attitude projected in the picture, and whether or not it shows the best use of product. Product use can be heavy or light, but it must look like a professional applied it.

Q: Why people should enter?
Dunkin: People should enter because there’s no other hair company that offers such a unique opportunity for stylists to submit personal interpretations of an image with hair as the focal point. I’ve seen hundreds of variations of product used to create the most diverse hairstyles. It’s a great chance to work with the best products and to get credible recognition within the industry.

Q: What do you like about the contest?
Dunkin: I love the contest for the response it gets from participants. It’s incredible to see such honest dedication to creating new looks and it’s exciting for me to be involved with such a progressive, creative company with so many talented people on board.

The competition ends November 30th, so enter today for your chance to watch the latest trends in fashion and beauty hit the runway during New York Fashion Week!

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