Meet Sebastian Professional Stylist Diva Poulos

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To be part of the Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team, you have to be a true “artiste” in every sense of the word. Daring, provocative, edgy, innovativeSebastian Professional Stylists aren’t afraid to think outside of the box to create some of the most exciting and fearless hair styles out there today.

California-based Design Team member Diva Poulos is a stylist to the stars both on and off the red carpet. Whether she’s working out the chicest haircuts for the catwalks of New York Fashion Week, or the hottest hairdos for a Hollywood red carpet event, Diva always knows how to defy hairstyle convention by blending couture design with timeless style.

This week, I got the wonderful opportunity to chat with Diva to find out more about this passionate, entrepreneurial artist. Check out the interview below to find out what Diva predicts will be the hottest hair trends for the fall season and which celebrity coif she (and myself included) is totally digging at the moment!

Who are your favorite style icons and why?

My favorite style icons are Rick Owens, Limi Feu and Alexander McQueen because all these designers are uniquely different and represent the art of dressing.

Are you on Twitter? If so, who are your favorite people to follow?

Yes, I’m on Twitter [@divapoulos], though I haven’t been following anyone in a whileit’s time I check it out again.

Name your favorite fashion period of all time (Americana ’50s, Mod 60s, Disco 70s, New Wave 80s, Grunge 90s, etc.).

Love the glamorous, high-end 70s jet set style.

What is your favorite Sebastian Professional product you love to use on your clients at the moment?

The Sebastian product that I love is Potion 9 because I can use it on everyone (men and women, young and old) that hate products in their hair, and people that love products in their hair.

What are your favorite summer hair trends you expect to see transition into the fall?

Textured waves in the hair, slightly undone, loose and tousled, healthy looking hair.

What’s a common hair no-no that you hear clients talk about doing or see on people, and what’s a good alternative or solution?

A hair no-no is cutting or coloring too far away from what is suitable for your face shape and skin tone. Get a pro to consulate what works best for you.

If you could style anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Styling Marilyn Monroe would have been a dream for meI love working with beautiful women and bleached hair.

Which celebrity hairstyles are you digging at the moment?

Scarlett JohanssonI love her wavy bob!

In regards to hairstyles, what do you predict we will be seeing on the red carpet at the Emmys this September?

On the red carpet, I would see more polished tailored shapes that are shiny, clean and well suited to the individual.

If your life was turned into a biopic, what would the title of it be, and who would play you and why?

Hair 360. My daughters would play me, because they have witnessed my life.

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