Know The Pros: Sebastian Professional Stylist Thomas Dunkin

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To be part of the Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team, you have to be a true “artiste” in every sense of the word. Daring, provocative, edgy, innovative Sebastian Professional Stylists aren’t afraid to think outside of the box to create some of the most exciting and fearless hair styles out there today.

London born, New York based stylist Thomas Dunkin is just one of these unconventional Sebastian Professional Stylists, whose hair creations have appeared in high fashion glossies and on top of celebrities like Carey Mulligan, Coca Rocha, Emma Roberts and Eva Mendes.

I sat down with Thomas this week to get the 411 on this fierce British expat, like what his favorite trends are for the Summer season, his favorite locale in the Big Apple and his thoughts on everyone’s favorite haircut they love to hatethe Mullet.

Who are your favorite style icons and why?

My all time favorite style icons are, for men, Johnny Cash. He became known as the man in black for obvious reasons; his look was a mixture of understatement and rock n’ roll.

Kate Moss is my favorite female style icon. She mixes glamour and punk, and comes up with something very cool every time.

Favorite hairstyle product you love to use on your clients at the moment?

If I had to choose a hairstyling product at the moment it would have to be Potion 9it is such a versatile product. I find that along with being weightless in the hair it is a great base product for when I’m trying to achieve styles that need volume.

Also, if I’m going to be using curling irons, I blow dry Potion 9 into the hair to give me a great shine and foundation on which to start.

What are your favorite hair trends for summer 2011?

My favorite trend this summer is the carefree updos that I’m seeing everywhere. They look like they were originally very well done and then reconstructed, with the look accessorized with bobby pins that are left showing. I love this look.

Favorite vacation spot and why?

My favorite vacation spot is a place called Drake Bayit’s in the Corcorvado rainforest in south west Costa Rica. I love it there as it’s a true escape from everything. It is really basic; you’re in the jungle.

There’s no electricity and no communication with the outside world. You’re surrounded by the most beautiful nature.

There’s monkeys all around you in the trees, Scarlet Macaws everywhere and the ocean has some great adventure diving.

Favorite place in New York City?

My favorite place in NYC is a small restaurant in the Lower East Side called Jadis. It’s a really mellow little place, the food is always great and they have a good wine list. It’s very off the radar and the crowd is always chilled.

How does the style of New York differ from the style of your hometown of London?

I think the best way to describe the difference is that the style in London is a little more experimental. I think style in NYC is a bit more groomed. I love both and I get a lot of my inspiration from combining the two.

The Mullet is it a “dead disco” or should it be “staying alive”?

It’s staying alive for me. I’ve found my new found love for it after [a visit to] Nashville.

If you weren’t a stylist today, what would you be doing for a living instead?

I would be a landscape gardener. I’ve been into it for years.

I’d love to have worked on some of the big projects in medieval English and French estates. The mixture of collude and textures is something that I can look at for hours.

If you could be a character in any film, who would you be and why?

I would love to have been Steve McQueen in Bullitt. It’s such an iconic, stylish film. An edgy thriller with great dialogue.

What designers and photographers would you love to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with the photographer Paolo Roversi. His images are timeless, he makes women look extremely confidant but sexy at the same time.

The designers Comme des Garons are a label that is truly inspiring. Their clothes are beautiful and extremely adventurous. It would be great to create a look that complements their attitude in style.

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