Icona Pop’s ‘Nights Like This’: Reason #57 To Like Swedes


In their latest video for “Nights Like This”, Swedish duo Icona Pop inject their electronic pop into the American West. It’s a less than welcome dose of house music for the country folk (if you get to the end of the video), but musicians Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are strong enough to hold their own. And the track is powerful enough with its pulsing 8-bit synths to tackle even the most conservative redneck.

The girls met in Stockholm and, in the shadow of Jawo’s recent breakup, began working together; their mutual love of fashion, music and a good night out soon kindled the single “Manners”, which teased us with the song’s perfectly catchy chorus for most of 2011. Now we finally have their EP Nights Like This to munch on.

The title track is the tastiest of the bunch, and although Hjelt and Jawo get processed and pitch-shifted a lot in the flurry of synths, the song still retains a very natural feel, and you naturally need to dance.

If you needed another reason to love Swedish girls, Icona Pop can be reason #57. Check out their Western road trip below:

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