Great Scott! Nike Releases Teaser For Marty McFly Sneakers

Susie G

If you haven’t seen the classic 80s blockbuster that is Back To The Future Part II, then your parents probably depraved you of one of the best movie sequels of all time.

Besides from the fact that the follow up film to the original Back To The Future flick is just straight-up awesome, the story follows teen dream Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) and Doctor “Doc” Emmett Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) as they travel to the future, arriving in the year 2015.

To help Marty blend in with the post-millenial locals, Doc hooks him up with some high-tech future fashions including a sweet pair of auto-lacing Nike sneakers.

Now, finally after 20 years the film was released, looks like Nike will soon be making those same exact pair of fancy footwear available to the masses.

Just yesterday, a short, viral teaser, which you can watch below, had been released from Nike, and links to a YouTube account owned by one “DocEmmettBrown88” user has been popping up all over the Internet.

The only thing left to wonder now is when are the shoes coming out, how big of a hole in my wallet are they going to make and if they even come in women’s sizes?

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