Ghost Outfit’s ‘I Was Good When I Was Young’: Buzz Cut

Susie G

FACT: Ghosts and lo-fi camera work are totally the rage these days for indie bands and their low-budget music videos.

Hopping on the audio-visual bandwagon, Manchester’s noise-pop duo Ghost Outfit’s video for “I Was Good When I Was Young,” directed by Plastic Zoo (another Manchester-based creative twosome), features the band gallivanting around Manchester city center in ghost costumes made out of white sheets. The video was shot on an old-school video camera, reminiscent of the home videos my Dad used to make back in the 90s when my family went on vacation.

The band’s “spooky” shenanigans which include dancing around street performers and offerings hugs and high-fives to strangers as well as stopping for some afternoon tea are all captured through the lens of a shaky, hand-held Hitachi VHS camera. The duo’s obvious goofiness and silliness are a great fit for the song’s perky, upbeat rhythms, fenced around a wall of fuzzy feedback.

The video is a part of the band’s own video project series, aptly titled “The Young Ghosts Video Project.” Throughout the summer season, the duo has been posting a video on their Tumblr page every Thursday night at 10 PM BST, featuring music from their archive of home-recorded material.

Their posts include short animations by the band’s own drummer and various clips of footage that are captured to create music videos that are borderline art films.

But is this video for “I Was Good When I Was Young” really an art film, or just an excuse to run around in public covered in bed sheets? We’ll let you decide.

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