EXCLUSIVE: Ivana Helsinki & Radical Dads Make Movie Magic!

Susie G
160773 1330959826 EXCLUSIVE: Ivana Helsinki & Radical Dads Make Movie Magic!

What you are about to see is not a music video but rather a music film.

Ivana Helsinki‘s Paola Suhonen (head designer of the Finnish womenswear label) recently collaborated with New York indie band Radical Dads (which is such a radical name for a band, by the way) to create this short film for the band’s latest track, “Hurricane.”

“This music film is a special one for me,” says Paola. “I found most of this raw footage abandoned on a roadside in a small town in Missouri when I was on a road trip moving from NYC to LA. It’s mixed with the experimental colour/water material I’ve shot in Hollywood last year. I’ve never met anyone from Radical Dads, but I feel we share common aesthetics. That kind of connection for me is even more important than the need to meet in person.”

Well, the film definitely has that experimental vibe to it, la a 90s music video for an alternative rock band (see U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam). Surprisingly, it turns out that the band members didn’t really get to have much say with the creation of this psychedelic, semi-melancholy film.

“We had approximately zero input on Paola’s music film, which is exactly how we like it,” explains Chris Diken from Radical Dads. “Just as we don’t want to be told what notes to play, we don’t want to tell other people how to interpret them, and so we trusted Paola to make something amazing. Which she did! We’re really excited about the film’s complete lack of plot, and the colors are like some weird otherworldly weather we never want to come in from.”

Be sure to check out the music film for yourself down below, exclusively premiering right here on StyleCaster.

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