Digitalism ‘2 Hearts’: Buzz Cut


The German duo Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefekci, a.k.a. Digitalism, first worked together in a dance-music record store in Hamburg. Their first collaborations involved edits (or remixes) of existing artists, such as The White Stripes and Madonna, but the duo’s musical chemistry quickly allowed original material to be created.

In a city with such a strong culture for house and techno music, Moelle and Tuefekci had no problem getting their work into the hands of DJs and clubs, and their first original album, Idealism, was eventually picked up by record label Astralwerks and released in 2007.

Although they emerged from one of the world’s most electronic heavy cities, Digitalism have ridden the new trend of fusing dance beats with rock riffs in a way that better fits the current generation’s desire for danceable, singable tunes.

“2 Hearts” off their latest release I Love You Dude exemplifies this techno/rock vibe perfectly. The track’s opening prominently features guitar and bass riffs that make it seem more like an indie rock song than anything else.

When Moelle’s silky vocal line enters into the track, we’re given a hint of techno noise, but it doesn’t come full on until a snare-hit releases a wall of synth chords. From here the song continues with fuzzy synths, compressed to make a great pulsing sound ready for both the die-hard techno-lovers, and the traditional rock and pop fans as well.

You can download “2 Hearts” for free here or see the sci-fi adventure-esque music video below:

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