Candid Camera: It Girl Ilirjana Alushaj’s European Invasion!

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Candid Camera: It Girl Ilirjana Alushaj’s European Invasion!
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It’s no secret that one of our favorite “It” girls here at StyleCaster is the Australian-born, New York-based Ilirjana Alushaj. Lead singer for buzz band, Apache Beat as well as Editor-in-Chief of the rad online magazine The Pop Manifesto, Ms. Alushaj is a girl that always seems to be everywhere all the time, getting herself into the coolest projects to hit both the fashion and music worlds.

When we heard that our favorite “Jack(ie) of all trades” was going to be taking an end-of-summer vacation to London and Paris to DJ a few parties, see a few friends (whose names we’ve definitely heard of before), and put together a shindig for our pals over at VICE, we figured what better way to live vicariously through this cool-as-fudge jetsetter than by handing over a disposable camera to capture all the unpredictably awesome moments?!?

To see all the fun shenanigans our girl got herself into during the final days of summer, check out the snapshots in the slideshow above!

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"Streets of central London. I got lost and found this window display. Oddly enough it was not a record shop. I think the owners just didn't know what to do with their records." -Ilirjana Alushaj

"Second floor in the Hotel Russell. My mum came to London to visit and we stayed here. She felt I should take a picture on the stairwell, so I did." - I.A.

"Rough Trade West. I went to this in-store to see Iceage play. Spent the whole time hypnotized by the singer making his mouth bleed from the microphone." - I.A.

"Y'OH designer Kara Messina. She (and her label) are great -- we had coffee in the best coffee place in Dalston. It is called Tina, We Salute You." -I.A.

"Totally forgot the name of this club but it was hilariously terrible. This was in the 'island themed' VIP room. It even had sand on the floor. As I said, terrible." - I.A.

"Victoria Smith, drummer of The Big Pink and generally awesome person. We were at a party in Dalston and she was impressing everyone with her binocular outfit." -I.A.

"Same party, just more girls and more looks." - I.A.

"Acne store in Paris. Was waiting for a friend to finish work and I entertained myself with my Hello Kitty beverage. No idea whom the fancy water on the left was." - I.A.

"Romy looking at The Kooples magazine after we tried to go to Colette but it was closed, so checked out Kooples instead. I think she knew the people on this page. Note: Kooples is a chainstore from Paris." - I.A.

"Jardin des Tuileries in Paris. Everything was visually amazing, like sweets. Romy and I took a million photos. Please note the mother and daughter in matching outfits." -I.A.

"Jardin des Tuileries again. What a lovely day, but no way in hell I was going on that ride." - I.A.

"Streets of Paris with Brice Partouche from April77. Some amazing pieces here if I were into coveralls and was a size extra tiny." - I.A.

"Somewhere in Paris. Romy Croft of The xx [pictured]. This shop took us an hour to find (hence not remembering where it was now). We got lost and walked in so many directions but was great. I just noticed the coffins." - I.A.

"Same shop but inside with Brice now posing." -I.A.

"Montmartre in Paris. Zak Mering (left) and Tyler Thacker (right) of NY band Greatest Hits. My American men. They were in Paris writing a record (and eating bread and cheese)." - I.A.

"Our corresponding view. C'est magnifique, oui?"

"18th District in Paris. I saw a lot of wigs in windows here, so these were only are a few." - I.A.

"Across the street from the wigs. Two euros for an endless supply of fake neon flowers. Fake but looking so pretty." -I.A.

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