Backstage Beauty: Ivana Helsinki Gives Us Slick Orange Eyes

Susie G

Charming up 70s nostalgia during her most recent fashion show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, Ivana Helsinki designer Paola Suhonen sent down tons of rich colors down the runway such as royal blues, crimson reds and warm orange tones.

Orange seemed to be the big color of the show, as even the models who were strutting down the catwalk were sporting an eye-catching orange eye color that had a very wet, slick finish.

The overall makeup was intended to be very muted, as to give emphasis to the girls’ bright eyes, meaning no blush and just some gloss on the lips.

To get the the bold eye color, lead makeup artist Brian C. Hawkins layered three different shades, and a lip gloss at the top of the eyelid in order to create an “almost iridescent type of orange color on the eye” so that the light will reflect from the lids and help those peepers really pop.

Brian used a Mirabella crayon pencil in Orange for the first layer on the lids, following up with a layer of Mirabella lip pencil in the color Coy, and finishing up with a layer of Mirabella blush in a shade called Radiant that had a tangerine finish.

“What happens is each time you layer, you kind of pick out more pigment from the prior colors underneath, so it gives it that real, iridescent, almost neon type of a color,” mentions Brian.

“And again, the gloss is just lip gloss that was placed on top of the eye. Just dab it on because if you try to smear it, then you have to run the risk of brushing off the actual eye makeup.”

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