Art School’d: Pixelated Animals, Carved Crayons and more!

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Art School’d: Pixelated Animals, Carved Crayons and more!
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Thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to be a rich, well-connected jet-setter to discover cool art around the world.

With the copious amounts of art blogs and self-publishing platforms for creatives that are available online, all one needs to do is surf on over to a few of these sites to discover the latest talents in the art world today.

This week, I’ve managed to find a surrealist painting from a graphic designer in Malaysia, cynical prints from an artist in London, cute pixelated art off of book bindings from an illustrator in Modolva, along with a few others creations.

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Pete Goldlust's carved crayon creations are making me wish that all of my childhood knick knacks looked this cool. I wonder what he could do with a whole bunch of neon colored Skip Its? (via Inhabitat)

This poster homage to the famous pet shop scene in Pee Wee's Great Adventure by Chris DeLorenzo is delightfully awesome. According to the artist, this poster could make a great gift for your colleagues " remind yourselves that we are all heroes, and despite whatever else may be chasing us we still can take the time to do whatÂ’s right." Now how rad is that?! (via The Creators Project, A Celebration of Creativity)

Modern surrealism is more likely to be seen in the form of street art (like works by Banksy) rather than on canvases these days. That's why I'm glad to have stumbled upon this Tang Yau Hoong piece titled "Journey to the City of No Horizon." (via Behance Network)

Axel Brechensbauer's angular, chess piece-like sculptures are surrealism bliss in 3D (via BOOOOOOOM!)

The messages in Ian Stevenson's drawings are always things that we've all said or thought before. In addition, his simple yet well thought artworks reflect the harsh attitudes and societal viewpoints of the Gen X and Y'ers of today. If cynicism was a new art movement, Stevenson would definitely be on top of that (via BOOOOOOOM!)

Pixel art never looked this rad! What's even great is that you can replicate this exact same design at your home! Hopefully you have a lot more patience than I do! Designer Igor Udushlivy might just be the next Martha Stewart...(via The Creators Project, A Celebration of Creativity)

In the future, zoos and wildlike parks will be filled with animatronics. At least that's what Laura Bifano's pixelated animal prints seem to say (via Colossal)

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