Antwan Duncan Is Our Favorite Man-About-Town: Scene Shapers

Susie G

Would it be too soon (and too weird in this technology-advanced day of age) to say that digital is dying?

More and more young photographers I run into these days seem to be trading in their chunky DSLRs (digital singe-lens reflex camera) for old-school film cameras.

New York photographer Antwan Duncan is one artist who has emersed himself in this new (or shall I say old) trend in modern photography. Whether he is taking one of his many vintage cameras to shoot friends and unfamiliar faces at a VICE magazine party, or documenting a roadtrip to Montana, Duncan’s photographs capture intimate and nostalgic details of wherever he goes.

While he is indeed a fan of film, he is no stranger to heading out to some of the most exclusive parties around town with a digital camera in tow. From Mad Decent after parties in Philadelphia, to private soires during New York Fashion Week, Duncan is a downtown darling who has become a staple on the East Coast party circuit, snapping up faces of friends and strangers alike.

But not only does Antwan go to parties, he throws them tooor at least plans on starting his own regular, bi-weekly party for New York’s downtown scene in the very, very near future.

While we love running into Antwan out in the city, we’re even more in love with his candid photography that he features on his amazing blog where fellow art lovers can check out his snaps, both of the film and digital variety.

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