5 Young Artists Design For H&M’s ‘Your Art Here’ Campaign

Susie G

H&M recently held a worldwide contest where young artists were asked to submit their own works of art in the hopes of winning the chance to see their photographs, drawings and the like on T-shirts to be sold at H&M stores all across the US.

The “Your Art Here” campaign was exposed to over 60 million people but only 5 lucky contestants were picked by a select fashion jury along with the online community. The grand prize winners were then flown into New York City to be styled in their T-shirts for a special photoshoot.

Out of the 5 winning designs, my personal favorites are the T-shirts that feature Beth Zimmerman’s “Untitled” oil canvas painting and Myla Angela Cruz’s “Watch me glitter in the limelight” graphic design.

Zimmerman’s painting of a young guy and gal each holding a slice of pizza is both silly and surrealand if there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s surrealism with a foodie twist!

Cruz’s graphic of a painted eye on a palm is both psychedelic and a bit gothic, and somehow totally eye-catching. If palm painting ends up being a trend this year, I’ll now know who to blame…

The 5 T-shirt designs are now available at H&M stores nationwide. For those of you in the New York area, swing by the H&M on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue where you can see the winning entries in the store’s front window display.

Check out the video below from the campaign’s street style photoshoot in New York that features the five winning artists sporting their own creations!

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