What Your Facebook Posts Say About You

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Since it’s inception in the early 2000s, it’s fair to say Facebook has become an international pastime filled with cat videos, duck-face selfies, posts about major life achievements, and photos of kids. Turns out , according to a growing body of research, what we choose to post on the social media site isn’t as brainless as we might think—and says an awful lot about who we are as people.

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In a recent paper, a team of researchers explored the associations between the types of things people post in their status updates, their motivations for posting, and their personalities, and found that how a person shares on Facebook can actually provide some real insight into their personality.

Here’s a look at their findings–we’re sure you (or your Facebook friends) fit into a few of these descriptions:

1. If you use Facebook to share (or, occasionally, overshare) details of your romantic relationships, you’re likely suffering from low self-esteem.

2. Do you post about your social life and love to use Facebook to connect and communicate with people? The study suggests you’re probably extroverted by nature.

3. People who continuously update their Facebook with news, photos, and videos of their children are linked with a high amount of conscientiousness–and interestingly, are also likely to get a high number of likes on their posts.

4. You can spot a narcissist using Facebook to seek out validation by the number of posts about their own accomplishments or diet and exercise routine. Side note: Those diet and exercise posts usually get more likes than the updates boasting about their own achievements.

Head over to Science of Relationships to read all the scientific details about the study’s methodology and findings. 

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