25 Office-Friendly Outfits to Copy This Fall

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25 Office-Friendly Outfits to Copy This Fall
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Ok, so we’re officially at the point where we’re ready for fall weather to just hurry up and get here already. Humid commutes are never fun—but in late September, without the silver lining of beaches and Summer Fridays to look forward to? Truly the worst.

Pondering what to wear to work this fall has become something of a blissful escape from the realities of endless heat: Think of the blazers! And layers! And loafers! All those wonderful things we can wear before descending into the depths of winter.

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Of course, depending on your office, you may not have to do more than throw on jeans and a hoodie, but—cubicle-dwellers rejoice—the season does lend itself to dressing for more corporate environs. Instead of the usual tapered-pants-and-heels approach, try pairing cropped, wide-leg trousers with polished ankle boots, or take a cue from Gucci and wear a printed pussybow blouse with your favorite tweedy blazer (saucer-sized eyeglasses optional).

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Ahead, see 25 street-style-inspired work outfits to help make your Mondays a little easier this fall.

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