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Does It Matter What You Order on a Date? Here’s What Guys Really Think

Does It Matter What You Order on a Date? Here’s What Guys Really Think

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Yum, pizza!
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Welcome to “What Guys Really Think…” a column from our friends at YourTango that’s devoted to polling real men about what’s going on inside their noggins when women speak, act or dress in various ways. In this edition: What guys really think about what you order on a date.

Is ordering a steak on a first date a sin or a turn-on? How about  a burger and fries? Is pasta totally off limits for ladies? Should you worry what he’ll think if you order a salad? We’re rolling through the definite dinner dos and don’ts, according to dudes.

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I like an eater.
“When I’m out to dinner with a girl,” says Mark, 26, “I feel better when she actually orders something with substance; not just a salad with cucumber. First of all, you’re supposed to treat yourself when you’re dining out — and secondly, how am I ever going to see myself spending time with a girl who eats less than my cat?”

“You always hear about girls who are scared to order what they really want on a date because they’re worried that the guy will make comments about what she’s eating,” says Brennan, 28. “I think the opposite: if a girl I’m out with orders steak, it’s a huge turn-on for me. It tells me that she’s not afraid to be herself — and that she doesn’t care what I think.”

Josh, 37, says, “The first time I took my [now] wife out to dinner she ordered appetizer, dinner and dessert. She also suggested that we get a bottle of wine to share. I felt like it made dinner more fun, going through the courses together. I could tell she wasn’t about to censor herself just because I was around and it made me like her more.”

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