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What Guys Like: They Hate Pretty Much Everything Girls Do

What Guys Like: They Hate Pretty Much Everything Girls Do


Ok so this started off as an informative article about about the beauty trends girls do that guys hate. But it quickly took on a life of its own when I decided to seek the opinions of a few of my guy friends via a group gchat session that was mistake # 1. The second mistake was not explaining to them that there’s a difference between a beauty trend and a fashion trend. Once I got them going, they just couldn’t stop. Ladies, it turns out we’re doing a lot of things to repel the opposite sex. I’ll just let you read the conversation for yourselves… and trust me, the further down you read, the funnier it gets!

me: Ok Im writing an article and I need you guys to tell me the beauty trends girls do that guys hate

Niko: short hair

rillrohnston: poof

Niko: hair bumps

rillrohnston: yeahhh

Niko: poofs of ANY SORT

rillrohnston: wearing 10 million bracelets at once

Niko: thinking that they are stylish when they put together aggressive clothes, but really you are just ugly

rillrohnston: hahah good one

Niko: any sort of boots that have tassels

rillrohnston: basically just wear really tight clothing and your set. Those pants that look like you were dipped in a vat of rubber. Yes!

me: hahahahahayou guys know those are mostly fashion trends, not beauty trends but that’s a whole other article I can write…so thanks!

Niko: omg, never under any circumstance wear big farmer jean shorts. they are gross

rillrohnston: hahaha there are also a bunch of things that girls spend a lot of time/money on that i could care less about: nail polish, earings, most shoes

me: haha farmer jean shorts? like cut-off daisy dukes?

rillrohnston: i think the farmer shorts are a Niko specific problem…

Benjamin Pofcher: i like jean shorts on girls. i dont like high heels with no gap btwn the heel and toe

me: haha wedges!? Every girl wears wedges! And niko there’s absolutely nothing wrong with jean shorts on girls.

rillrohnston: frankenstein boots!

Benjamin Pofcher: i also dont like overly flowy shirts/dresses/things with huge neck holes that go off to the side

rillrohnston: yeah, weird. its like an extremely stretched out turtleneck

Benjamin Pofcher: i also dont like open toed shoes that are to small and make the tips of your toes come out beyond the front of the shoe. I dont like anytime I can see any line etc. of whatever type of underwear ur wearing

Niko: also, relax on the make up in general really, too much make up is much much worse then not enough

Benjamin Pofcher: i dont like if you have your nails painted and not toes

rillrohnston: shoes that make you taller than me when ur normally shorter

Niko: huge thick belts that are not acting as a belt but a fashion piece

Benjamin Pofcher: yes!!! stomach area belts! any belt not worn on the hip

me: Haha ok now you guys are just being ridiculous. They cinch your waist and are really flattering…every single girl I know does it

rillrohnston: they should stop. why do you need a belt when your wearing a dress anyway?

me: i just told you why. And next time we go out, Im wearing that exact outfit

rillrohnston: in the end, none of it matters that much though as long as ur sexified

Benjamin Pofcher: im very against that, in general things that make you look falsely flattering. makeup is ok because if you are cute anyway it just accentuates your features. it doesnt like hide bad things like flowy stuff or cinch belts

rillrohnston: well said

Benjamin Pofcher: any hoops bigger than my thumb to middle finger or any purse larger than a bread basket (unless you are carrying all my stuff)

rillrohnston: those weird bird feather things in your hair

Niko: any purse that can carry a small family is nixed

Benjamin Pofcher: i kinda like feathers

rillrohnston: really, feathers? Creep me out

Benjamin Pofcher: things that make your hair poofy. i could do this for days

me: haha ok you guys can stop now. Seriously though, you guys basically just said you don’t like any trend girls wear

Niko: nope i am not ready to stop. i got a couple more – wearing you hair up when you know damn well you look better with your hair down just becuz ” its easier”

me: it’s a really good thing i dont have to name all the things boys do that girls hate. it’d be a much longer list than this

Niko: go for it. we are tooo awesome. we are tooo aggressive. we party toooo much. toooo bad ass all the time

rillrohnston: there ya go, good start to the list

Hmm… Maybe you guys can work on your grammar while we work on ridding our closets of our wedges

  • Travis

    I should have been involved in this convo. Damn snow days. Anyways, very well put and I agree with everything you guys said. There is definitely a lot of other crap that girls do/wear that is just dumb. I could go on forever, but I will stop.

  • Jamie

    It’s true!

  • SandrA

    Love that he called it a “purse” …it’s such a weird word and then specified it couldn’t be larger than a breadbasket…amazing. Everyone knows girls dress to impress each other, guys area second priority.

  • b

    it looks like labial shoes aren’t even necessary! men are repelled by everything that is “stylish”. though I’m with him on the long baggy jean shorts.ew. lesson learned- wearing a bandage dress with your hair down and chuck taylors (but in an unironic way)= swarms of boy suitors. got it.

  • Taylor

    This is the best ever, Andrea. I like that they’re against “things that make you look falsely flattering.”

  • Ash

    Oh, bless their hearts. They just sound soooo dumb.

  • You've got to be kidding

    Want to hear the things guys do (or don’t do) that women don’t like? It would be quite a list.

  • Donna

    Ben and Niko, you are idiots! All of this is coming from SINGLE boys that wear the same button shirt, jeans and sneakers trend ;)! Good luck with finding your unicorn that dresses accordingly. (in NYC, of all places)

  • Scott


  • StyleSizzle

    At least women dress for themselves and each other and aren’t pretending like we are doing it to appease other men. In response to these guys, here’s a ladies list of things men wear that women hate.They aren’t so innocent either!

  • Donna

    Oh, I’m sorry!!! They love their TANK TOPS!!! Such a good look….

  • Jwe

    Whatever happened to Freshman English in schools?

  • Byan berja

    Being Simple really means 2 i leave my hair on its natural straight,

  • Acorn Archives

    why do guys hate everything?

  • Lena

    I’m sure glad that my boyfriend isn’t a shallow, stupid prick like those guys in the conversation are!

  • Tammi

    This is just too funny! Who are these guys and how old are they? We just can’t look perfect all the time; we are human and not here solely for your pleasure, visual or otherwise. I do agree about too much make-up, but the rest is purely personal taste. Give us a break on wearing our hair up will you? We have jobs, homes, friends, lots of things to do besides spend hours on our hair ever day. If you love, or even like someone, it shouldn’t matter if her hair is in a pony tail or not!

  • broken_love

    This article made me laugh, but the guys had a good point. maybe we do go just a little far

  • Page S

    Men that hate wedgies actually dislike women.

  • twg

    Labial shoes? Are those shoes for your ######? I could see why guys wouldn’t like them.

  • Sara

    These guys sound like my ex, who once told me that he thought a girl wearing a push-up bra was essentially lying – because anything that makes your ##### look bigger than they actually are is dishonest. He’d probably agree that anything that makes you look thinner than you actually are is also dishonest. Can you find smarter guys next time you want guys to give us advice on what not to wear?

  • tara ann rose

    I think these guys would prefer a relationship with a butch dominant man over a woman.
    I agree with the wedges but I am not wearing ### me stillettos all day either.
    My boyfriend loves me when I wear cargo pants, plain white t-shirts and sneakers because he knows underneath there is a sultry soft woman.
    We areall the same female body underneath–and thats what counts

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