What to Eat if Your Food Allergies Make You a Picky Eater


Food allergies suck, especially when they cause you to become a picky eater due to all the non-allergy friendly foods out there. Fortunately, there are ways to satisfy your cravings with these simple substitutions for dairy, eggs, peanuts/tree nuts, and soy. 

Dairy Substitutes: 
When substituting milk, you can try soy milk, rice milk, or potato milk. For butter or margarine try Earth Balance or Fleischmann’s Unsalted Margarine, which you can find at a grocery store in a tub or in sticks for baking. They also make sour cream, cream cheese, cheese, ice cream, frosting, and yogurt, all dairy-free that can be easily purchased at a grocery store near you for all of your allergen-free baking extravaganzas.

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Egg Substitutes:
Every egg you use in baking can be substituted with replacements like Ener-G Foods’ Egg Replacer, flaxseed meal, baking powder mixed with water and oil, or unflavored gelatin. 

Wheat Substitutes:
To replace flour in a recipe for those with a gluten allergy, try rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, potato flour, sorghum flour, or bean flours. You can also find gluten-free pasta, bread, and other household snacks at your local grocery store. 

Peanut and Tree Nut Substitutes:
For those of you who are peanut butter lovers, try soy nut butter or sunflower butter instead. For chocolate you can try Enjoy Life’s semi-sweet chocolate chips that are free of all common allergens and are great for baking. Candy lovers can check out Kellie’s Candies Nut-Free Confections, Divvies, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, Nothin’ Nutty, and Whey Out Chocolate

Soy Substitutes:
If your body can’t stand the thought of soy, try cow’s milk, rice milk, almond milk, or potato milk. Spectrum brand products are soy-free and can be found at the grocery store when looking for baking ingredients that fit your restrictions. Rice cheese is perfect if you are allergic to both soy and dairy, but if not you can obviously enjoy regular cheese. 


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