What Does A Guy’s Attire Really Say About Him?

What Does A Guy’s Attire Really Say About Him?
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“They” say life is a constant battle to better yourself, improve and become a better person. That said, I admittedly have a serious problem that I need to work on: passing judgment on people too fast. It’s a flaw that I know I share with many of you out there, but it’s also one that I just can’t seem to shake in certain situations.

For the most part, I’ve gotten better, but when it comes to guys and some of the things they choose to wear, I just can’t help myself. Case in point, when a guy walks around in an Ed Hardy studded tee, he leaves me no choice but to start stereotyping. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think a guy’s attire 100% determines his character, but it does give us a good place to start. Here are a few questionable clothing choices and what they may say about him.

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Lacrosse Jerseys

A guy who insists on wearing his high school and college lacrosse jersey any chance he gets is also known as the "lax bro." The ironic thing is that he's probably never played lacrosse a day in his life, and if he did, he was second string at best. Maybe I'm being too harsh because I know way too many of these "bros," being that I am from Maryland where the state sport is lacrosse. But from my extensive experience, this guy is probably the one who still wishes he was sitting in his college frat house pounding cans of Bud Light instead of getting ready for his new job at dad's company.

White Sneakers

We've all seen this look on the Justin Bieber's and Justin Timberlake's of the world. But for the average male, who doesn't own a different pair of white sneakers for every day of the week, keeping his sneakers looking "fresh to death" probably takes a whole lot of maintenance. I bring you the high-maintenance pretty boy. He probably spends more time in the bathroom mirror than you do, and his sneaker collection would probably rival your shoe and bag collection any day. The difference is that while we take our shoes to the cobbler to get fixed, he dedicates his Sundays to polishing his. That is valuable time he could be spending with you, but then again, you'll probably always come a close second to his most prized possession, his sneakers.

Black Button-Down Shirt

It's a very fine line between a guy looking hot in a black button down and a guy looking just downright cheesy, so be very weary. The right way to pull this look off is in a Bradley Cooper in the Hangover sort of way; the wrong way is like the guy above. The hard part about this guy is that he probably thinks he is the most stylish person at the party, so you better not tell him otherwise. Expect to find him hanging out at some club or lounge in the meatpacking district surrounded by a group of girls who go out on Saturday nights looking for guys like this to prey on for bottle service. It's harsh, but it's true.

Flannel Shirt

Don't confuse this guy with the indie hipster – there's a big difference. The Indie guy wears his flannel for the sake of ease and convenience. But for the guy I'm talking about, no occasion is too dressy for a flannel shirt. Winter, spring, summer or fall, he is wearing a flannel shirt. It could be 100 degrees out, and you better believe he's sweating through it. He has one in every single color plaid you can think of. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a big fan of the look – I'll even rock the look myself in the colder months. But he's got to show me that his personal style goes beyond something he once saw modeled in a J. Crew catalog. Is it too much to ask to switch it up every once in a while? Just because it looks good doesn't mean it's the only look out there.

Funny Graphic Tee

We're dealing with a classic case of the nerdy comedian here. Like the lax bro doesn't want to move out of his college frat phase, this guy is still living up his glory days as the 7th grade class clown. While I'm in no way condoning the look, graphic tee guy actually has talking to the ladies all figured out. He has to do very little work to get a girl over to him. His shirt is an instant conversation piece. Chances are she'll come over to him, read the shirt and laugh, thinking he's hilarious; or, she'll read the shirt, not get the joke and chat him up as he tries to explain it. It's kind of genius when you think about it.

White Sunglasses

This is totally a personal judgment call, so feel free to disagree. I just think that unless you're actually into skating, surfing or anything in that arena, you shouldn't be rocking white sunglasses. You're either going to come off one ow two ways: like a poser who dreams of living beachside and taking up surfing, or like you do live beachside, but that beach happens to be Seaside Heights.

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