Weird Weight-Loss Shortcut of the Day: Miracle Leggings

121831 1302122191 Weird Weight Loss Shortcut of the Day: Miracle Leggings

Scala Bio Promise Slimming Leggings, 49.95, at Scalabiofir

Anyone who say they’re not at least a little intrigued by the idea of a pair of leggings that promotes weight-loss and reduces cellulite is a damn liar. When I first heard about Bliss’ Turbocell leggings a few months back, I laughed them off almost immediately, never giving them a second thought…. Until today, when I found out about yet another company toting this so-called miracle shapewear.

UK company Scala Bio Fir claims that their slimming leggings sold out in just 30 minutes, so of course, I just had to do some investigating of my own. Apparentlt, the fabirc contains unique active bio-crystals that melt down cellulite, slim your silhouette, shape and tone your figure, all in just 30 days. On the other hand, the Bliss turbocell leggings must be worn 8 hours a day for 8 weeks, but they’ve been shown to melt off up to 2 from thighs, hips and bootie.

When asked about the effectiveness of the product, Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a California based plastic surgeon, said, “I’m skeptical that a woman who spends a month or more in these leggings will be pleased with the results she sees, especially in the long term… While it works, the benefits are extremely temporary (we’re talking hours) because there is no remodeling of the structure under the skin.” Hours, huh? I’ll take that!

Would you try this weight-loss shortcut or would you rather just stick to old-fashioned exercise?

121830 1302122140 Weird Weight Loss Shortcut of the Day: Miracle Leggings

Bliss Turbocell Leggings, $149, at Blissworld

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