Weekend Playlist: Jeff the Brotherhood

Weekend Playlist: Jeff the Brotherhood
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Garage punk will always have an unabashedly chaotic feel to the music where it becomes difficult to clearly decipher and define what exactly is happening within a song. While this slapdash genre leaves the doors wide open for musical interpretation, Jeff the Brotherhood manages to decisively break down rock music to its fundamentals to cohesively create coherent music.

Nashville-based brothers Jake and Jamin Orall makeup the stylish and decisively loose noise pop Jeff the Brotherhood. Together, the two brothers released their album Heavy Days earlier this year securing their position as a favorite among the Indie community.

Check below for Jeff the Brotherhood’s music video for their single “Bone Jam” and scroll through the slideshow above for a list of the duo’s top 10 favorite songs of the moment!

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"Rock Bottom" by UFO (Phenomenon)
Sick Michael Schenker riffage and good vibes.
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"Love and Its Glory" by Minnie Riperton (Adventures in Paradise)
She has the best voice ever and the song is oh so smooth and funky. Click here to purchase.

"Lava Lamp" by Heavy Cream (Heavy Cream EP)
Party music for a hot summer. I love the tight fast punk riffage, rockin' parts and awesome lyrics.
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"Jury" by Trapeze (Medusa)
One of the most awesome hard rock songs of all time if you ask me. Amazing riffs and perfect drumming, with super over the top vocals.
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"Into the Void" by Black Sabbath (Master of Reality)
 From Master of Reality, Sabbath's doomiest record if you ask me. Some seriously burly sh*t.
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"I Can't Feel Nothin'" by Captain Beyond (Captain Beyond)
The perfect blend of hard and progressive rock. They play it so fast, it doesn't even seem possible. Insane!!
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"Destroyer" by Twisted Sister (Under the Blade)
From their first album, "Destroyer" starts out with a seriously doomy part. Twisted Sister playing doom metal is really the best thing ever.
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"Sex (I'm A)" by Berlin
I have a 45 of this song and I only play it at 33 because it makes it 10 times better. Trust me, go buy it and see.
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"Sex Junkie" by Plasmatics (Metal Priestess)
From the album Metal Priestess which is wicked the whole way through. The heavy metal breakdown with the screaming crowd is sick.
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