What to pack for a weekend escape to Cape Cod, from preppy bikinis to bright-colored pants.

Weekend Getaway: 15 Picks to Pack For Cape Cod

Weekend Getaway: 15 Picks to Pack For Cape Cod
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There’s nothing we love more than a weekend getaway somewhere away from the office — which, after this hot week with a holiday bang in the middle of it, we’re plotting right now.

We’ve covered the loco Miami culture and vacationing style, and now it’s time to move on to a destination that’s different in every way — Cape Cod, Massachusetts. With its coastal weather and prepster attitude, Cape Cod is perfect for alleviating any city-dwelling blues.

We’re totally obsessed with Cape Cod’s preppy population and love of boat shoes. (When’s the last time you’ve seen someone in the city walking around in a pair of seersucker boat shoes? That’s what we thought.) If you’re more hipster than prepster, well, you might want to pay attention so you don’t look like a fish out of water. From fitted blazers to colored cargos, Cape Cod screams “I’m on a boat.” Seriously, put down your Jeffery Campbells for a hot minute and slide on these Sebagos to look like a local.

Whether you’re headed to a Red Sox game or to whale watch (yes, you can do that here), use this handy packing guide to see what items we’ve hand-picked for your escape to this New England getaway.

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