Watch Normal People Doing Model Poses, Hilarity Ensues

Jessica Rubin

Artist Yolanda Dominguez has a message for you, and it’s a rather entertaining one. In her video project called “Poses,” Dominguez had women take to the streets of Manhattan, where they mimic the poses of models in various ad campaigns and editorials. In an interview with It’s Nice That Blog Dominguez elaborates on the meaning behind her video, explaining, “I tried to express what many women feel about women’s magazines and the image of women in the media absurd, artificial, a hanger to wear dresses and bags, only concerned about being skinny, beautiful.”

We’ve heard it before, the lofty goal of raising awareness about body image issues stemming from the fashion industry’s reliance on ultra-skinny models. Yes, one glimpse of Kate Moss and I suddenly feel supremely un-cool, but “Poses” is above all a practice in the consequences of taking the art out of fashion. The message is important, but the video is so entertaining it’s hard to remember its allegorical purpose. My personal favorite is the woman steadfastly standing on the sidewalk with her fingers in her mouth, much to the amazement of passersby.

What’s your favorite model-to-amateur moment?

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