Watch Lindsay Lohan Cry and Run Around in a Nightgown in New Clip From “The Canyons”

Spencer Cain

Last week, it seemed like the only piece of writing anyone could talk about was that New York Times story, which detailed the less-than-idyllic events that went down during the making of the upcoming indie film “The Canyons,” starring the notoriously troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan. While we’ve been hearing buzz about the movie, we haven’t seen much in the way of footage—save for a few campy trailers that were released in the fall—but now we’ve got a lengthier look in the form of a clip that mysteriously turned up on YouTube, and it’s safe to say we’re not itching to pre-order tickets.

The above clip shows a disheveled, confused Lohan running around an artsy Hollywood Hills mansion clad in a nightgown sobbing as she looks for her cell phone. Ultimately, her male counterpart wakes up and begins to hit her for an inexplicable reason. After seeing this preview, we’re not really sure what to think. Lohan’s acting obviously leaves something to be desired, and we’re not convinced she can carry a movie—especially after the not-so-flattering buzz about her behavior behind the scenes.

The date has yet to be confirmed, but “The Canyons”—a noir-style flick that follows a group of oversexed 20-somethings romping it up in L.A.—will be released sometime this year.

Watch the preview above and let us—do you think LiLo’s acting is pretty good or pretty awful?  

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