Watch Honor’s Charming Campaign Video

Kerry Pieri

Fashion videos are becoming as ubiquitous as style blogs and Dior designer replacement news, but that doesn’t mean we love any of the above any less for it. Honor, designed by Giovanna Randall, is known for whimsical presentations and feminine/cool clothes.

That her very own fashion video would be quirky yet romantic and somewhat mysterious comes as no surprise. Starring Meghan Collison, Alina Isachenka and Jana Knauerova, directed by KT Auleta, Honor’s Spring 2011 short is a narrative we hardly understand (French spoken with French subtitles), but it looks really pretty, and I want that maxi dress and isn’t that basically the point? Prepare to get charmed and be reminded of how it’s never going to ever be Spring in New York, apparently, below.

Honor Spring Summer 11 Campaign Video from RoAndCo Studio on Vimeo.

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