Watch Abbey Lee Jam Out Onstage With Her Band, Our Mountain!


As Abbey Lee Kershaw‘s self-proclaimed Number One Fan, I was pretty stoked to hear her band Our Mountain’s first single “Wooden Hearts” that was released earlier this week. Yes, the band’s raw, psychedelic sound is quite different than what I am used to listening to, but I dig it!

Now, thanks to The Telegraph, we can see Abbey Lee do her thing as well as hear it. The paper caught up with Our Mountain on the first night of its UK tour, and shot some video of the band’s performancegirl can work a tambourine and the keyboards just as well as she does a runway, if not even better. Kershaw admits that she views modeling as a job while music is her passion, and she even confesses that she’s an occasional Backstreet Boys fan.

Take a look at Our Mountain’s jam session below.

Photo: Stevie Dance for RUSSH Magazine

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