They say a fool and his money is soon parted, and this holds true for people that want glasses for their dogs, clothes for their cats and a dating site especially for fashionistas.

Were You A (April) Fool For These Fashion Pranks?

Summer K

warby barker mozilla firefox 412012 50634 pm1 Were You A (April) Fool For These Fashion Pranks?

They say a fool and his money is soon parted, and is that no more true on April Fools Day? While we’re too emotionally scarred from April Fools’ past to fall for any such stylish shenanigans, that didn’t stop some of our favorite brands from trying to pull the wool over our eyes. From eyeglasses for dogs to a dating site for fashionistas, the gags ran the gamut and then some. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of our faves:

Bonobos April Fools' Joke

Bonobos and Rent the RunwayThe men’s fashion site and online designer rental retailer joined forces to send an email out to their members touting “PashionSense,” an Internet dating site for stylish singles. A great idea in theory, but slightly humiliating for those few who were intrigued enough to click through the multi-page dating profile only to find out it was a total scam. (Better luck next time, PS1 lovers!)

Warby ParkerWarby Parker: Doggone!  The socially conscious and stylish eye wear company spent a lot of time and energy building out a new site AND creating a video touting their new collection of glasses for pups. And yes, while we found the monocled pug adorable, we instantly were suspicious when we saw no options for cats. (Come on, everyone knows kitties are way more fashion conscious.)

Old Navy April FoolsOld Navy: Speaking of cats, Old Navy had them completely covered with an email they sent out to their subscribers on Sunday in which they announced new khakis and performance fleece for cats.  Not that our cat would ever wear such a thing (please see above), but for those that do covet such pieces for their purr-fect pal, the little mouse disclaimer at the bottom must have been a bit of a letdown.

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