Want: A Modern Twist on a Woodstock-Ready Embroidered Tunic

Marina Zheng


What: The phrase “boho chic” may be a bit hackneyed, but this perfectly effortless gauzy tunic with embroidered detailing and wide flowing sleeves makes us understand why it’s stuck around as long as it did.

Why: For those spring days when picking out an outfit is more effort than you can bear, a tunic like this is easy to throw on and easy to pull off. Plus, the simple V-neck not only keeps things chic, but also can make petite girls look taller.

How: Blue jeans are the obvious piece of choice with which to pair this tunic, but we’d keep ’em dark and skinny (as opposed to light and flared) so as not to look like we’re dressing in a “we’re going to Woodstock!” costume. On warmer days, swap the jeans for a pair of denim shorts, or—on lazy weekends—a pair of black leggings.

Mes Demoiselles Jill Embroidered Tunic, $211; at Shopbop

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