Vogue Editor Andre Leon Talley to Join Cast of Top Model


For cycle 972 of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks is throwing some surprises into the mix. (In reality, it’s 13 cycles…but still. The ANTM cast-offs from the past are basically the sole occupants of Soho now, with nothing to do.) Vogue Editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley and Kimora Lee Simmons will be gracing the judge’s panel with their presences. Talley will be replacing the flamboyant Miss J, and Simmons will replace model Twiggy.

The show was in desperate need of a little boost, as it has been seeing the lowest ratings in the history of America’s….Next…Top….Model. (Said in the classic, dramatic Tyra drawl, head moving side to side.)

We’re taking bets on who will get into a catfight first; Tyra and Kimora, Kimora and Andre, or Andre with the token contestant from Detroit who wants to prove to everyone that “a girl from the ‘hood can make it big?”

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