The Vivant’s Top 10: Shangri-La Chef Named France’s Best and Lunch at the Googleplex

Leah Bourne

abeille restaurant shangri la The Vivants Top 10: Shangri La Chef Named Frances Best and Lunch at the GoogleplexThe Vivant’s top ten things in the world of luxury, travel and dining that made our reading list today. See something that should have made the cut? Tweet us @TheVivant with the hashtag #VivantTop10.
Oriol Castro talks about his new restaurant Compartir. [Eater]
Lunch at the Googleplex. [Amateur Gourmet]
Scotland enters foodie map. [Bloomberg]
Sirio opens at The Pierre. [Urbandaddy]
Is your smartphone making you sick. [The Wall Street Journal]
Shangri-La chef named France’s best. [Luxuo]
The New York Rangers in fall’s best suits. [Esquire]
Mercedes Benz debuts a women’s fragrance. [Born Rich]
Inside luxury maternity rooms. [ABC]

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