The Vivant’s Top 10: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Opens on Broadway and Manischewitz is the New Drink of Choice

Lorein Abenhaim

emilia_clarke_breakfast_at_tiffanys_embed_1The Vivant’s top 10 things in the world of luxury, travel, and dining that made our reading list today.
Five car trends to love in 2013. [Esquire]
What’s eating Prince Alwaleed bin Talal? It’s not his net worth, exactly. [Vanity Fair]
The top celebrity engagement rings. [PopSugar]
Manischewitz – the drink of choice? [Bon Appetit]
How much does entry level champagne cost in restaurants, really? [The Price Hike]
Jason Bateman chats about Arrested Development and old School Jackets. [GQ]
A bow frenzy following Breakfast At Tiffany’s debut on Broadway. [The New York Post]
Grace Coddington’s Rear Window photo shoot. [Vogue]
How the 19th Century Queen of Naples inspired Breguet’s new diamond watch. [Ocean Drive]
The many celebrity faces of Dior. [StyleCaster]

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