Virgin Airlines Actually Encouraging You To Join the Mile High Club

Leah Bourne

357855-virgin-americaSo you’re stuck on a six-hour Virgin America flight from JFK to Heathrow, and you spot a cutie a couple of rows up from you. What to do? Thanks to the airline’s new “Seat to Seat” service there is now an option. Travelers can buy drinks, snacks, and meals, and have them delivered to other passengers on the flight. The sender can then follow up with a message to the recipient via the plane’s in-flight texting system. Worried you are going to accidentally send a glass of Veuve to the wrong person? Don’t fret, the system includes a digital seat map to ensure that that drink gets to the right person.
Think flirting mid-air is creepy? You might be surprised by just how many people do it. According to a a 2011 study, 45 percent of travelers admit to flirting while traveling via airplane.
Watch Sir Richard Branson’s (Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group) Guide To Getting Lucky Below:

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