VIP Playlist: DJ And Clothing Designer Jon Price Totaro

VIP Playlist: DJ And Clothing Designer Jon Price Totaro
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Music and fashion have long gone hand-in-hand, so it makes perfect sense for a creative mind like 4AM’s DJ Price to branch out from one medium to the other. Jon Price Totaro started DJing as a 16-year-old in downtown Manhattan. With a lot of ambition and a little help from his friends Kid Cudi and the late DJ AM among them he’s achieved global success on the party scene. Between regular gigs at New York hot spots like 1OAK and Avenue, he owns a limited-edition menswear label named Reason Clothing that he founded with a friend in 2004 at the age of 18.

“Fashion has always been a popular vehicle for musicians to express themselves visually, and I always wanted to create something that performing artists could wear,” he says.

Reason mixes the high-quality product of a contemporary fashion label with a wide variety of pop culture and music references. One of the line’s most popular t-shirts alters the iconic logo of The Ramones by inserting the names of Harlem rappers, the Diplomats. “It was the fashion equivalent of a ‘mash up,'” DJ Price explains. “It was like blending two seemingly opposite records together but doing it with a t-shirt.”

We love how DJ Price translated his love for music into a fashion brand so much so that we’ve invited him to provide the tunes at our upcoming StyleCaster holiday party! Here, he’s created a playlist just for us, consisting of his favorite songs out there right now. Happy listening!

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