Vince Vaughn Marries Kyla Weber Plus Our Favorite Vaughn Leading Ladies


Sorry ladies, Vince Vaughn is officially off the market. This past weekend he married Canadian real estate agent Kyla Weber, according to People Magazine. The couple’s friends and family attended a small ceremony at a historic mansion outside of Vaughn’s hometown, Chicago. They got engaged last Valentine’s Day. “I am engaged and looking forward to being married and having kids. I’m ready for that,” he said. We have to say, Weber is one lucky lady. In honor of the nuptials, here are seven more stars who’ve been blessed to be called Vaughn’s leading ladies — on and offscreen:

Jennifer Aniston:

Vince dated his The Break Up costar Jennifer Aniston, but just as their movie suggests, they eventually broke up.

Isla Fisher:
Isla Fisher was Vince’s love interest in Wedding Crashers. We can still hear Fisher’s squeaky voice saying, “I’ll findddd you!”

Reese Witherspoon:
Reese Witherspoon stars opposite Vaughn in the holiday comedy, Four Christmases.

Malin Akerman:
Malin Akerman recently played onscreen wife to the real-life newlywed in Couples Retreat.

Rachel Weisz:
Rachel Weisz played Fred Claus‘ girlfriend, Wanda.

Christine Taylor:
Christine Taylor was lucky enough to play both his love interest and attorney in the classic comedy, Dodgeball.

Juliette Lewis:
In Starsky & Hutch, Juliette Lewis plays Vaughn’s girlfriend and escape partner, Kitty.

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