WYD, Victoria Beckham? This Week’s Celebrity Social Media Fails

WYD, Victoria Beckham? This Week’s Celebrity Social Media Fails
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Most of our faves are pretty good at social media. Sure, stars like Justin Bieber or Drake will occasionally (or constantly) post random things that make you wonder, “Did you mean to show this to everyone?” But, for the most part, the lives of the rich and famous on Insta seems pretty standard—or at least as standard as fancy parties, red carpets, paparazzi run-ins, and private planes can seem. This is why seeing something that looks, well, normal is cause for alarm. Stars are not supposed to be us. It’s one thing to see a star’s Insta and say “LOL. This is so me.” It’s another to see it and say, “Wait, I’m literally doing this right now.”

This week some of our favorites stars took to social media with posts that were a little too real. Real enough to cause us to ask, “What are you doing?”

WYD, Lorde?

Lorde’s Insta presence is wall-to-wall pictures of Lorde…and this random throwback shot of Posh and Becks. What does this mean, Lorde? Anyone who’s seen Lorde rock out in an awards show audience or is privy to her secret habit of reviewing onion rings knows that deep down Lorde is a stan just like us. What could be more “That’s so me” than finding an old photo of your favorite celeb couple holding hands and walking their dogs, and posting it online “just because?” Lorde is all of us.

Speaking of Posh, what are you doing, Victoria Beckham?

The former Posh Spice posted this shot of herself wandering around her house getting ready for her Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder runway show and it’s both so weird and so relatable. Sunglasses inside, coffee in hand: literally me every Monday. Of course, Posh being Posh,  she does all this in a huge mansion, dressed in one of her own high fashion designs. Is this too real or too much? The answer is yes.

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Rihanna! What are you doing?

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Never one to be outdone, Rihanna also posted a casual evening wear and sunglasses look. She even captioned it “Casual,” just so we were clear. Sure, we all hang out backstage wearing huge dresses paired with sneakers for a chill night in. Never change, RiRi.

In another shot, she showed off the same outfit and captioned it, “Tuesdays.”

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Yes, this is exactly what my Tuesdays are like. If you’re not wearing a haute couture loofah, you’re doing your whole week wrong.

Maybe that would improve Kim K’s week, since she clearly wasn’t about it.

Kim Kardashian, WYD?

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I’m just over it today

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The caption on this is the best part. She’s sitting on the floor of a photo shoot, dressed to the nines, with someone else doing her hair and still, she is unable to “can” today. I have never related to anything more than this. Kim is present and accounted for at work, but she is definitely not here for it.

WYD, Niecy Nash?

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Fine•| Wine 🍷 @fashionnova

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Meanwhile, Niecy Nash, star of the television show “Claws,” took an afternoon walk through town in a stunning chambray pants suit and literally the fuzziest slippers in the world. Are those Tribbles from “Star Trek” on her feet? Unclear. This is a lot of look and what takes it over the top is the matching pompom hanging from her purse. While it may not be clear exactly what this look is made of, it’s clear that she’s feeling it.

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Also feeling it: Amber Rose and her crew at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.

WYD, Amber Rose? I’m obsessed with how members of her crew are serving total face for the camera next to a chainsaw-wielding monster. When you’re fresh to death even in the face of death.

And finally, Tracee Ellis Ross! What are you doing?!

This nose waxing video is too much. It’s both hilarious and horrifying. When the Q-Tip broke off in her nose? I screamed. Tracee is totally all of us, trying at-home beauty regimens. But for your sake and our sake, Tracee, next time just use clippers.

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