Vera Wang Rules For Brides: No Swarovski Shoes or Red Lips

Kerry Pieri

I’m going to admit something: I watched way too much Say Yes to The Dress this weekend it was a marathon and it made me seriously question the taste level of, well, America. What happens to people when they decide to get married?

Vera Wang is sharing some of her top tips for brides to WWD. I like them, and I think TLC should put them up during commercials of the aforementioned reality show that takes place at Kleinfeld’s as public service announcements. My top two are below:

Number 6: Vera says, Makeup is another thing to think about. Im not crazy about strong red lipstick with a white dress. If you never wear blue eyeshadow or purple eyeshadow or glitter, why wear it on your wedding day? You want to avoid any makeup that makes you look disguised or that makes you no longer look like yourself. That is huge. It should be the same with the hair. Sometimes stylists can get too elaborate with hair styles and colors. Wearing [hair] accessories and [bobby] pins are very much about editing.

Luckily, Middleton is taking control of her own beauty destiny, but every girl can take heed to not look like a pageant queen to walk down the aisle.

Number 7: Vera says, I have to say I prefer a shoe on the quieter side whether it is a fashion shoe (though it doesnt have to be) or something with a bit of a wedding feeling. I like a shoe with a tapered toe box. Im not someone who is into a full-on Swarovski-covered glittery shoe. I dont think you want that much attention. A little kitten heel is nice if you are marrying someone shorter than you, or a platform if you are marrying someone taller.

Like everything else for your wedding day, why cover it in glitter just because you happen to be marrying someone?

Photo: Givenchy Fall 2011 Beauty Ad featuring Jacquelyn Jablonski

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