Vans: The Smart Ass’ Shoe


Fashion is cyclical. For instance, in 1990 it was really popular among Midwestern housewives to wear light-wash denim Bermuda shorts on their family vacations to Six Flags Great America. In 2008 it is really popular among Bushwick’s female hipster residents to wear light-wash denim Bermuda shorts on their errands. Trends come and go, and while they don’t always stay relevant for the same demographic, they resurface nonetheless.

However, one sneaker that has withstood the warping of time is the classic authentic Vans. Vans are oddly dorky but hip. They’re the smart-ass of shoes. Like Richard Dreyfuss’ character in Jaws that made Vans recognizable, Vans personify the hubris of someone too smart to socialize with the small town fisherman but approachable enough for the audience (SPOILER ALERT!) to be relieved that he isn’t actually eaten by Jaws. Flashy when you want them to be and inconspicuous when you need them to be, the Vans design of these low lace-ups has not changed from its original design in 1966.

I’m super stoked to see that one thing has changed though. These classic Vans are now available in a variety of colors and patterns from preppy plaid to demure pastel ginghams. Personally though, I feel partial to the yellow “lemon drop” which will go with more than you think—summer’s end denim shorts and classic skinny-leg dark denim jeans for fall.  The perfect shoe for when I’m feeling sheepish and when I’m kicky enough to go into the water… Dun-nun…

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